Information Technology Services



For many small- to mid-sized businesses, the primary driving force behind the IT system is the need to capture operational and accounting data. This data enables business owners to make well-informed decisions on critical business issues.  Unfortunately, there often is a disconnect between the setup of an IT network and software and what information the business owner actually needs. Bertz, Hess & Co. offers clients freedom from the headaches and hassles of managing their computer network by developing practical IT solutions that are right for them.

Our IT professionals are also accountants; we understand what business data to capture as well as how your overall network should be operating to be most effective. Besides knowing accounting software packages, our IT team assists clients through the intimidating process of selecting the right hardware, software and networking needs to fit their business today – and the growth they expect in the future. We truly are a “one-stop IT shop” for our clients.

Bertz, Hess & Co. provides more than networking, hardware, and software assistance.  We also use our business expertise and experience to assist in implementing the most effective and efficient use of your IT system and software.  Our team can evaluate your current system and make recommendations for upgrades or provide methods in which you can leverage your current system – both of which will make your operation more proficient.  Because we are not a reseller of any particular product, you can trust that we will make a recommendation based on what’s best for you – and not because we have a vested interest in a specific product.


Our QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors are an excellent resource for all issues pertaining to QuickBooks.  If you are just getting started with QuickBooks, we can assist with setting up your company file, creating a chart of accounts, and implementing processes and procedures to make sure your financial results are accurately recorded.  We know that QuickBooks is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, but we have also observed that a little expert guidance from our team in the beginning can go a long way in preventing issues when tax time comes.

If you are already well-established with QuickBooks, our ProAdvisors can help you determine if you are using the software as effectively as possible for your business.  Relevant and timely financial information is crucial to making good business decisions, and we can help you fine-tune your QuickBooks reporting and ensure that it is as accurate as possible throughout the year, and not just at year-end.